My Services Include:

PC Optimization/Tune Up
  • Optimize startup and shutdown
  • Install Windows Updates 
  • Remove unneeded programs and trailware
  • Run disk clean-up & disk defragmenter
  • Make sure that you have only one antivirus program
  • Clean up desktop clutter
  • Install program updates
  • Update drivers
Flat fee of $50.00 

Virus/Malicious Software Removal 

  • Identify the virus/spyware
  • Clean the virus 
  • Repair any damage done to the operating system 
  • Enhance System Security Features
  • Save Data/Re-install Operating System if needed
Flat fee of $75.00

Hardware Diagnostics

  • Comprehensive diagnostic tools will determine if one or more of your computer components needs to be replaced.

Flat Fee of $30.00 

Hardware Installation

  • Video Card installation 
  • Wireless card installation
  • Ram upgrades
  • Power Supply installation 
  • Hard Drive installation (separate fee for installing operating system 
  • Sound Card installation 

Installation fee of $50.00 plus the cost
of the component. 

Home Computer Setup 

  • Set up your new computer including peripherals such as scanners and printers
  • Install software (provided by the customer)
  • Configure to an existing internet connection
  • Setup local user accounts and email 
  • Sit down with you for a short question and answer session regarding your new technology
Flat Fee of $80.00 

Social Media Marketing 

  • Make a page for your business on Facebook,Google + and Twitter
  • Set up links for your business on advertisement sites such as Yelp and Trip Advisor as well as local marketing sites. 
  • Setup a blog account 

Flat Fee of $100.00 

Data Backup/Recovery

  • Save photos and important documents to a cloud service and show you how to back up your data in the future
  • Save your data to an USB external hard drive
  • Save data from your old computer to your new computer 

Data backed up to your own USB storage device $50.00
Data transfer from old computer to new computer $75.00
If you don't own an USB storage device the cost of a device will be added.
Saving data to a cloud service with training $75.00

Website Design/Management

  • Sit with you and discuss your website needs
  • Create your site banner
  • Design your site  
  • Set your site up with a .com domain 
  • Set your site up with a hosting service

$200.00 for your home page.
$75.00 for each additional page. 
$75.00 for basic SEO services including submission to Google Places and backlinks.
Special prices for educational and personal sites. Please email me for details.

Updates vary in price in accordance to what they entail. 
  • I do not supply hosting.
  • I do not design eCommerce sites.
  • I do not design sites with adult content

Computer Tutoring

  • One on one tutoring from a technician who's worked in the field since the DOS days
  • Learn how to navigate your computer's operating system 
  • Learn how to work with photos 
  • Receive helpful tips for staying safe online
  •  Introduce you to social media dos and don'ts
  • Learn how to organize your files,photos and folders
  • Learn how to fully utilize the internet 
  • Have a general question and answer session

 Flat fee of $75.00
for a 1 to 2 hour session