The only thing that I enjoy more than getting your computer up and running is showing you how to work with it . I will go over the basics of computer use and online safety then I like to have a general question and answer session with my customer. I can teach you how to navigate your way through Windows - edit pictures - get the most out of email and internet and much more. 

Now on to Google. I am a Google Apps for Education certified Educator who is constantly learning what Google can do not only for the classroom but also for individuals and small businesses. 

 When asked I'll be the first one to tell you that I'm a Google girl. I get Googley eyed at the very mention of the  information, collaboration, features and amazing online storage that Google offers for free!

 Why do I like Google and Google apps so much?

  • It's free. Did I mention it's free?
  • It's very user friendly.
  • A Gmail account grants you access to full suite of collaborative apps including: Google calendar - docs- spreadsheets - presentations - forms - a script editor (code script not your own Hollywood agent, sorry Google isn't THAT awesome...yet) - picture storage and editing (Picasa) - social networking with G+ and much more. 
  • I have to mention Google docs collaboration ability again.I know that I've mentioned this feature enough,this is the last time I promise. I also promise that I won't under any circumstance resort to a rubric when describing my love for Google apps. Not only can you work on a Google doc together at the same time but with Google hangouts and video calling you can discuss the document or presentation that you are working on. When someone else is working on the same file as yourself their picture will appear at the top right hand corner of your browser window as a way of saying "Hey, let's work together". If you working on the same spreadsheet the information that the others enter will be in a different color than your own all changes are done in realtime and Google saves your information as you go along so you don't have to hit the save button every five minutes in fear of losing your work. 
 Now I'd like to take a moment to tell you why my sites are designed and hosted through Google sites. 

  • Google is up 99 percent of the time. I've worked in the technical industry for almost twenty years and I can count on one hand the times that Google has been down and it's never been for more than a few hours. 
  • Google's hosting is free. You can buy a domain name for .com address in the URL.
  • Google sites come with Google Analytics (unless you have more than 10 million hits a month. Google Analytics is a free service that measures your website traffic,traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. 
  • Google sites once built are very easy to update so if you hire someone to build your site with a small amount of training you can update the site yourself even if you are not a web design expert. 
  • Though Google sites by default relies mainly on tables you can add CSS and your own HTML editing. 
  • Google sites are easily integrated with all Google products. 
  • Unlike most free website builders Google does not run ads or banners on it's sites.